Beginner's Guide for Copy Trading Followers (App)

HTX Copy Trading offers a simple and transparent way for users to copy excellent strategies. Novice traders can choose a suitable strategy from veteran traders, building a mutually beneficial relationship. Tap to copy trades

By copy trading, you synchronize your trades with those of copied traders to obtain higher yields, while the copied traders will earn a share of your profits.

How to Start Copy Trading on HTX (for followers)

This guide to futures copy trading will help you kickstart your copy trading journey on HTX.

On HTX App

Step 1: Tap Copy Trading on the homepage to enter the Futures Copy Trading page.

Step 2: Tap Leaderboard to filter traders by leaderboard, ROI, total profits%, total profits, and follower's PnL.

Step 3: Choose the trader you want to follow and complete your copy trading settings.

After selecting a trader, tap Follow at the upper right corner of the trader's card to enter the setup page. First, deposit/transfer at least 20 USDT as margin to your copy trading account. Then, set the margin limit, take profit ratio, stop loss ratio, and trading pairs based on your investment expectations. Finally, tap Confirm to complete your copy trading settings.

Step 4: Check and modify your copy trading

You can tap Me at the bottom of the Copy Trading Page to check your current copied trades. Additionally, you can modify your copied trades by tapping Edit in the upper right corner of the trader's card.

Step 5: Once completed, the settings will take effect after the trader places a new order. You can view your PnL on Me page.

[How to pick the right trader?]

1. On the Copy Trading homepage, you can tap a trader to view Trader Details.

Trader Details include:



Total PnL

The total PnL of the trader's account for copy trading, netting funding fees and commissions

Followers' Total PnL

The total PnL earned by all followers who copied the trader

Win Rate

The ratio of win trades to total trades in the trader's history

Current Profit-Sharing

The percentage of profits in a copied trade to be distributed to the trader

Avg. Profit

The average profit of all profitable copied trades

Avg. Loss

The average loss of all losing copied trades

PnL Ratio

The ratio of average profit to average loss

Avg Holding Time

The average time the trader takes from opening to closing trades

Trade Frequency

The average number of trades the trader has opened in a week since they were followed

Preferred Pairs

The trading pair opened most frequently in the trader's history trades

Based on the above information, you can assess a trader's trading style and PnL details to decide on a trader you prefer. For more trader details, please visit the Copy Trading homepage.



[Explanation to copy trading settings]



Fixed Margin

  1. You can set a fixed margin for copy trading. For example, if you set a fixed margin of 100 USDT, the margin of every copy-trading order is 100 USDT.
  2. This value can be changed during the copy trading period, and the new margin will take effect starting the next copied trade.

Available Funds

The available funds in your copy trading account


You can deposit funds to your copy trading account through on-chain transfers


You can transfer funds to your copy trading account from your USDT-M futures account with zero fees

Margin Limit

The maximum margin occupied for your copy-trading positions. Once the limit is reached, the orders that open a position will not be copied, but the orders that close a position will be copied. If this field is left blank, a default maximum limit will be used.

Take Profit Ratio

Your copied trades will be automatically closed when their profit percentage exceed the preset ratio. The take profit ratio ranges from 0% to 200%.

For example, if you set a take profit ratio of 50%, the system will automatically close a copied trade when its profit exceeds its amount by 50%.

Stop Loss Ratio

Your copied trades will be automatically closed when their loss percentage exceed the preset ratio. The stop loss ratio ranges from 0% to 200%.

For example, if you set a stop loss ratio of 20%, the system will automatically close a copied trade when its loss exceeds its amount by 20%.

Choose a Trading Pair

You can copy all pairs or customized pairs from the trader. When choosing customized pairs, you can select from the trader's opening pairs (multiple selections allowed).

Current Copy Trades

To see the information on your currently copied positions


To check your previously copied trades

Copy Trading PnL

To view your previous copy-trading profits

My Trader

To check the traders you are following and followed previously


1. We kindly remind you to set up suitable take-profit and stop-loss ratios to reduce the volatility of your assets.

2. It's important to set up a reasonable fixed margin and position limit to properly manage your entry cost.

3. You can only follow one copied trader at a time. You will need to unfollow the current trader before following another.

4. If you possess extensive experience in futures trading and are willing to share your trading strategies, you can apply to become a HTX lead trader. In this role, you'll have the chance to earn substantial profit-sharing rewards while executing trades. Tap the link to register