Instruction for transaction fee refund coupons

1. The Fee Refund coupons will be valid for 14 days since it is issued. Collecting is required before using, and un-collected coupons will expire automatically after the deadline.

2. Fee Refund Coupon collecting access and refund method:

Web: Click, or open HTX Futures official website, click the

head profile in the right upper corner, scroll down to click “Derivatives Coupons”;

APP: Click on homepage icon-"More"-“Derivatives Coupons”

3.Coupons can be used to refund the transaction fees from certain trading amount (as each coupon shown); eg: The coupon with 10,000USDT trading amount can be used to refund the transaction fees corresponding to the trading with the volume of 10,000USDT;

4.The coupons can only be used for refunding transactions fee for specific futures trading, eg.: The collected coupon for BTC/USDT swaps, if has not been used during valid period, will not provide any discount after expiry.

5.Users will have to trade first and then the transaction fee refunded. The refund will be deposited to the corresponding trading account within 7 working days after the coupon expires and it could be verified by account history. HTX customer service team will support any further query.

6.The refund amount formulas are as below:

Refund amount = min (Total transaction fees of the corresponding contract type since the coupon being collected to the expiry date, Actual value of the fee coupon);

Actual value of the fee coupon = Trading face value of the fee coupon * (Users’ Maker fee rate + Taker fee rate) / 2;

7.The USDT refunded amount from USDT-margined swaps will be accurate to 8 decimal places and the excess part will be cut off;

8.Before the coupon expires, if the actual transaction fee is a positive amount while the user enjoys preferential policy without transaction fee counted, the transaction will not be refunded;