Mark Zuckerberg says it's 'reasonable' that the metaverse isn't a place but a point in time

2022/03/03 03:28

Some have posited that the much-hyped metaverse isn't necessarily a place but a point in time — and Mark Zuckerberg seems to agree, Businessinsider reported. "A lot of people think that the metaverse is about a place, but one definition of this is it's about a time when basically immersive digital worlds become the primary way that we live our lives and spend our time," Zuckerberg told podcaster Lex Fridman. "I think that's a reasonable construct." He said many already live their lives in the digital world, just not yet in virtual reality. And as far as when that'll happen, he said that depends on how a lot of different use cases play out, including gaming and social experiences.
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