Revolut CEO Storonsky condemns war and pledges support for Ukraine

2022/03/02 05:24

According to TheBlockCrypto, Revolut’s Russian CEO Nikolay Storonsky has published a letter condemning the war in Ukraine.
It is the first time that Storonsky — a billionaire entrepreneur born in Russia, whose father is Ukrainian — has clarified his stance on the conflict. He also holds British citizenship.
“I would like to make clear, publicly, what I’ve felt privately from day one: war is never the answer,” Storonsky wrote in an open letter published late on March 1. He described the war as “wrong and totally abhorrent,” and called for an immediate end to the fighting.
Revolut’s other co-founder and CTO Vlad Yatsenko, who is Ukrainian, had already publicly condemned the actions of Russian president Vladimir Putin after he ordered his forces to invade Ukraine on February 24.
Revolut itself had also taken action by helping customers donate to relief efforts in Ukraine through its app, while waiving fees for transfers to Ukraine.
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