Airbnb looking to support crypto while focusing on free housing for 100,000 Ukrainian refugees

2022/03/02 01:56

The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, talked about cryptocurrency and his company’s efforts to help Ukrainian refugees in an interview with CNBC Tuesday. According to its website, Airbnb has about 6 million active listings worldwide, with more than 4 million hosts. There are 100,000 cities and towns with active Airbnb listings.
Chesky was asked if Airbnb supports crypto since some people in Ukraine are trying to take payments in cryptocurrency following Russia’s invasion. He replied: "Airbnb is. I mean, I am personally supportive of the idea of crypto, of course. I think it’s a really interesting technology."
He continued: "I went on Twitter in the beginning of the year and I asked a community on Twitter if Airbnb can launch anything in 2022, what would it be? The number one response was [to] add crypto payments, so I have a team looking into that."
While clarifying that Airbnb does not have anything regarding crypto payments to announce yet, the CEO emphasized: "We are absolutely looking into this and specific to this crisis."
Noted that it is unlikely that anything crypto will be implemented "that quickly," Chesky said: "So right now we’re really focused on is providing housing for refugees. That’s what I’ve mobilized a team to do."
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