Huobi Global Markets

2022/02/25 22:58

BTC is currently trading at 39387.35 USDT on Huobi Global, with a 24h increase of 4.01%.
1. The total value of the global digital currency market is about $1838.52 B (+3.85%), and the 24h trading volume is $95.21 B (-37.59%).
2. The prices of the major Altcoins are as follows:
ETH 2794.58 USDT (8.92%), HT 9.0867 USDT (6.73%), XRP 0.75528 USDT (11.20%), LTC 110.19 USDT (7.16%), DOT 17.1854 USDT (8.95%).
3. In 24h, the top 3 gainers are:
KT(+20.72%), SOS(+20%), ZKP(+15.67%);
the top 3 losers are:
HBC(-12.52%), RANKER(-11.32%), PSTAKE(-8.26%).
(Note: All rises and falls are calculated in 24h time format)
Go to Huobi Global and click 'Markets' to learn more about market information.
DisclaimerThe content above does not represent HTX's positions.HTX does not provide any trading recommendations.

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