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What is HTX DAO Airdrop?
HTX DAO offers an airdrop program for TRX and USDT holders on the TRON network. It is a positive token incentive plan where users who hold ≥ 20,000 TRX or ≥ 70,000 USDT on the TRON network are eligible to receive HTX tokens provided by HTX DAO.
How can I unlock my HTX tokens received?
Users need to link their eligible TRON network address with their HTX account UID and complete the corresponding tasks to unlock HTX tokens.
Is there a time limit for completing the tasks?
Yes, each round of airdrop tasks has a time limit. Please pay attention to the countdown of your tasks. Failure to complete the tasks within the specified time will result in the inability to unlock the remaining amount of your HTX tokens.
When will I get my HTX tokens after completing the tasks?
After completion of the tasks, the rewards will be unlocked once they are approved by HTX DAO. Please stay updated with the official announcements from HTX for the specific distribution time.
Why is my address invalid?
HTX DAO关于本次空投激励包含交易所地址和非交易所地址;该链上空投仅限波场TRON主网上符合空投资格的非交易所地址,如用户填写交易所地址视为无效。您可以更换地址或参与下期空投活动。请注意该链上空投活动与交易所地址空投有本质区别。火币HTX交易平台用户空投与其他公开支持HTX DAO本次空投的中心化交易所一致。交易所地址用户空投发放详情见关于支持HTX DAO对链上TRX及USDT持有者空投$HTX的细则公告
Will there be another round of airdrop, if I missed this round?
Yes, HTX DAO Airdrop for TRON network users will last for 5 months to ensure more users have the opportunity to participate. Please stay tuned to the official announcements from HTX DAO to get the specific timing and requirements for the next round of airdrop.
Who should I contact if I have more questions?
如果您有任何其他疑问或需要进一步的协助,请通过 [email protected] 联系HTX DAO客户支持。我们将尽快为您提供支持。更多细节请点击HTX DAO空投活动官方公告