Rewards Won
-- 张卡片

你好,你已经在Trading bot获得--张随机卡片,可前往福利中心背包查看。

Event Rules:

During the event, registered users can get rewarded with PrimeBox cards based on the investment size of grid strategies created or cloned from other traders. The reward details are as follows:

Rewards based on your investment (Single strategy)

1 random card
随机卡片 2张
随机卡片 3张
随机卡片 4张
随机卡片 5张


  • The investment is converted to USDT at the strategy entry price.
  • The above rewards are calculated for a single strategy. You can get rewarded multiple times for running multiple strategies.
  • Users who show any signs of fraudulent behavior will be disqualified from this event.