• 1Collect Cards
  • 2Generate a Pizza
  • 3Share prize pool
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Generate a Pizza
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New Users Special
New users participating in the event can receive 1 gift package containing random Cards on the first day, and can receive 1 additional random Card every day by continuing to participate in the event.
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Exchange Task
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A Rare card is guaranteed during your first redemption
Loyalty Reward
Exchange 20 Cards from the previous season for 1 PrimeBox Card
Already exchanged today (1 exchange per user per day)      今日可兑换卡片剩余:0 张
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Special Tasks
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Invite new users to trade on HTX
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Exchange cards with your friends
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Satellite Event Tasks

Collect BTC Shards to generate a Card

Collect 10 BTC Shards to generate a Card

Challenge Tasks
Complete tasks to share the mega prize pool
Complete Today's Challenges to get rewards and cards
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Easy access to quality assets worldwide
Sign up for this event to get cards
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Share to Earn
2,000+ USDT per month
Invite friends to get PrimeBox Cards and referral gifts
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HTX Community
Make yourself heard in the crypto world
Write posts and comments to get a Card
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HTX Earn
Earn up to 200% APY
Subscribe to fixed-term Earn products to win cards
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HTX Futures Carnival
Stand to win iPhone 14 Pro Max every day
Join HTX Futures Carnival to win cards
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HTX Super Trial Bonus
Trade futures to claim 3,000 USDT in trial bonuses
Join the Super Trial Bonus giveaway to win PrimeBox Cards
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HTX Live
Watch livestreams to win airdrops
Subscribe to any live streams to win cards
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HTX P2P Trading | Safe & Reliable
Only available for Andriod App and Web users
Deposit via HTX P2P daily to get PrimeBox Cards
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Exchange Plaza
Join Discord to exchange Cards with other users
Event Guide

Step 1 Collect Cards

To generate a Pizza, a full set of 5 different Cards (Flour, Cheese, Veggie, Meat, and Seasoning) is required. You can collect the Cards by doing the following tasks:

01 Collect Crystals. You can exchange 10 Crystals for 1 Card
02 You can exchange your leftover ETH Shanghai Upgrade x PrimeBox Cards for current PrimeBox Cards. 20 ETH Shanghai Upgrade Cards = 1 BTC Pizza Day Card
03 Join the daily Cards Giveaways to grab Cards. There are 4 rounds of giveaways (every 6 hours) every day.
04 Trade designated coins, or take part in NewListing or other activities
05 Collect BTC Shards. You can exchange 10 Shards for 1 Card
06 Exchange Cards with your friends and get the ones you need
07 Users who join PrimeBox events for the first time can win extra Cards daily
08 Use PrimeBox NFT/HTX NFT as your avatar to get extra Cards daily
Step 2 Generate a Pizza with 5 different Cards to get rewards
Step 3 Win a share of the PrimeBox prize pool based on the number of Pizzas you generated on the day

Extra Benefits

During the event, the top 10 participants with the most Pizzas of the day can get extra rewards.

Prize Pool

More prizes

TOP 1 合约体验金100 U

TOP 2 合约体验金90 U

TOP 3 合约体验金80 U


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Loyalty Reward
Exchange 20 Cards from the previous season for 1 PrimeBox Card
Already exchanged today (1 exchange per user per day)      今日可兑换卡片剩余:0 张
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Warning: Trading Cards in private may expose you to internet scams. Flip Cards to collect BTC Shards now!