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Level Up Method

Tier30D Spot Trading Volume (USDT)or近30天累计合约的交易额(USDT)orYesterday's Total Assets (USDT/HTX)

About leveling up:

30D Trading Vol:Users' daily trading volume is calculated at 16:00 (UTC) every day and settled in USDT at its day's closing price. The trading volume of all the assets you traded in the last 30 days is calculated by adding up your daily trading volume.
Assets:To calculate a user's total assets, their HTX token assets are multiplied by 1.5 times when being converted to USDT. Other assets are converted to USDT based on their original values. Snapshots will be taken randomly every day to calculate the user's daily average asset. Assets borrowed from the platform are excluded from the calculation (UTC+8).
About main accounts and sub-accounts:00 后继承主账户费率等级(时区GMT +8)。

Fast advancement for VIPs of other exchanges:

About fast advancement: If you are a VIP of another exchange, upload your 30-day spot/futures trading volume or your total assets on other exchanges to enjoy a higher tier with Prime membership on HTX. Enjoy more benefits and a better trading experience by applying with us now.
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