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05/03 04:12

A dropout made millions with just $1000!

A dropout made millions with just $1000!
 Back in 2011, when Erik Finman was only 12, his grandma gave him $1,000. He used it to buy bitcoin at $10 each. He got interested in bitcoin after seeing someone wearing a bitcoin T-shirt during a protest.
Erik spent three years trading bitcoin while juggling school. Despite his teacher's criticism, he left school at 15, making a deal with his parents: if he made a million before 18, no more school. 
He cashed out $100,000 of bitcoin and started Botangle, connecting students worldwide with tutors. 
When an investor offered $100,000 or 300 BTC for his company, he chose the BTC, believing in cryptocurrency's future. By 17, he hit millionaire status as bitcoin's value soared.
He skipped college, traveled the world, bought an Audi R8, and now his bitcoin investments have made him extremely wealthy.0e97feb1c482ea0bd94c1ddad4af98e0.jpg

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