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Mastering Crypto

04/30 05:07

This high school dropouts turned $1000 into millions of dollars!
In 2011, at the age of 12, Erik Finman received gift from his grandmother $1,000 that he used to buy bitcoin, it was $10 per BTC back then.
How did he know BTC at such an early age? 
During a protest at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC, which he attended with his brother. He saw a guy with bitcoin T-shirt, when he asks his brother about it his brother replied "it's gonna end Wall Street."
So, he bought BTC using that $1000. For three years, his life revolved around bitcoin trading and school. 
He didn't perform well in school though, one of his teachers even scold him, 
"He might as well drop out and work at McDonald's, as he wouldn't achieve anything greater in life."
At 15, Erik left high school and make a deal with his parents. If he earned a million dollars before turning 18, he wouldn't have to return to school or attend college.
He promptly cashed in $100,000 worth of bitcoin and launched Botangle from his bedroom—an educational venture providing video chat lessons, such as connecting an Australian student with a private tutor in Tokyo. 
In 2015 an investor offered him to buy his company either with $100,000 or 300 BTC. At that time, the value per BTC was only around $200. However, Finman believed in the future of cryptocurrency and chose the 300 BTC. And boy, he was right!
At age of 17, Erik officially became a millionaire when bitcoin's value soared past $2,700, fulfilling his bet before his 18th birthday. His deals paid off, he didn't go to college, instead he went on global travels, visiting cities like Dubai, Hong Kong, and Stockholm. 
He also bought luxury Audi R8 as his car.
Now, Erik's bitcoin investments have significantly increased upwards, establishing his net worth in the eight-figure range. 
He's an influential investor in a Silicon Valley cryptocurrency startup and played a role in advocating for the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020.


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