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04/19 12:40

btc halving? pump or dump? alert💡💡

If i say btc will pump you will be happiest person on earth what if i say btc will dump you will say he knows nothing but what i know is halving will create spikes which are not good for high leverage traders, be careful today, market movement will after bitcoin halving but after it consololidate and breakout ine side .. be carefull only trade money you afford to lose, after this post if you find this post helpfull then welcome i like to share my btc wallet rest it up to you.. make sure to drop your name and amount in the comment so i personally thank you here in this post .. for more helpfull conteng subscribe my btc wallet bc1qfzhq4vsg2fapz2jmxg0lvha5lmkspk7aekqgqc

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