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03/16 12:25

AlphaNet Launches & $gOS Now on Ethereum!

Gelios Goes Public: AlphaNet Launches & $gOS Now on Ethereum!

Gelios, a leading blockchain project focused on enhancing the capabilities of Bitcoin through its Layer 2 solutions, is thrilled to announce two significant developments happening today, March16, 2024.

1. Gelios Alphanet Public Version Goes Live

Following rigorous development and testing phases, Gelios proudly announces the public launch of the Gelios Alphanet Public Version. This highly anticipated event kicks off on March 16th, 2024, at 13:00 UTC.

Early participation in the Alphanet Public Version not only grants users valuable experience with the platform but also presents opportunities to earn rewards for their contributions. Users can participate in various activities such as:

- Bridging assets between different blockchains

- Effortless token transfers within the Gelios network

- Deployment of smart contracts on the Gelios platform

For more information on the Gelios Alphanet and how to get involved, visit:

2. Gelios $gOS Token Listing on ETH!

Adding to the excitement, Gelios announces the listing of its native token, $gOS, on theEthereum network! The listing will take place on Uniswap at 14:00 UTC, also on March 16th,2024.

Key Details of the $gOS Listing:

- Trading Pair: $gOS/ETH

- Initial Supply: 210,000,000 $gOS

- Initial Price: $0.0019

- Initial Market Cap: $40,000,000

- Initial Liquidity: 100 ETH

Committed to a Fair and Sustainable Launch:

Strategic players and major crypto investors are recognizing Gelios' groundbreaking potential, highlighting the project's promise, and positioning Gelios for a successful future. However, Gelios prioritizes a fair and sustainable launch for the $gOS token. Here's how we achieve this:

- Investor-Driven Liquidity: Only investor tokens will be used for initial liquidity provision, ensuring a decentralized start.

- Preventing Market Manipulation: Tokens allocated to private investors are solely dedicated to liquidity, mitigating early dumping and market manipulation.

- Controlled Token Supply: All remaining tokens will be locked within the bridge contract, guaranteeing a stable token supply and preventing inflation.

- Bridging the Gap: As the bridge opens for transfers from Gelios to Ethereum, new tokens will be minted, facilitating smooth $gOS movement between networks.

As announced on official Twitter, they've successfully collected investments from private investors, kicking off the Entry Key minting process today. This milestone adds momentum to gOS's listing and significantly contributes to liquidity.

Join AlphaNet early to secure your spot for the airdrop and unlock exclusive benefits and rewards! Stay tuned for more exciting news, including the upcoming $gOS listing.

About Gelios!

Gelios stands as the pioneering community-owned dApp layer atop the Bitcoin network, marking

a monumental shift in decentralized finance (DeFi) innovation. Seamlessly operating across three major blockchain networks—Arbitrum, Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin—Gelios acts as a versatile "bridge," facilitating the frictionless processing and transfer of information, data, and assets.

▫️ Total Value Locked: $4,600,000+

▫️ The active wallets connected: 109,000+

▫️ Entry Keys Minted: 10,537+

▫️ 874,099+ Total transactions

▫️ Ecosystem Partners: Collaborating with over 50 industry leaders

For more information about Gelios, visit their website or reach out to their team at:

- Website: gelios.io20240316_173315.jpg



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